Get insights and advice on all aspects black hat SEO from Oxford’s most experienced inbound marketing experts. Black, Grey and White hat SEO explained.

How to identify and avoid dodgy black hat SEO techniques

Let’s kick things off with a warning:  do not try these techniques at home! In fact, don’t try them anywhere; unless you want your site banned. We’ve already explained why it’s important for webmasters to be able to identify spammy or black hat SEO, and here’s what to look out for: Keyword stuffing is so last millennia […]

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What is black hat SEO and how to spot the cowboys?

Have you ever noticed that the bad guys in Westerns always wear black hats? Well it’s the same story in the world of search engine optimisation. ‘White hat’ SEO uses squeaky clean techniques and is consequently championed by the search engines. ‘Black hat’ SEO uses grubby, underhand and duplicitous techniques, and consequently tops the search […]

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