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Why Google’s hitting out at sites that aren’t secure

website security update

Google doesn’t often make edicts telling webmasters how to behave, instead preferring to take a more soft-footed approach to complete coercion. In fact, much of a digital marketer’s day is spent reading between the lines and searching for crumbs of information that have been dropped accidentally (and ‘yes’ that even means keeping on top of […]

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Why xml sitemaps are essential for SEO

Navigational sitemaps & SEO A site map is effectively the ‘contents’ section of a website, it’s designed to help visitors navigate through your site by providing a clear hierarchy of links to each page. By definition a sitemap needs to be simple and easy to follow. Site maps can also be of real value to […]

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Using robots.txt to block search engines for SEO

SEO is all about making your web pages more accessible to the search engines, but there are times when you want to keep the search engines at bay. Perhaps you don’t want to broadcast a poor company report or maybe you don’t want Google’s spiders to find duplicate content or pages under construction. And this […]

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