Google’s mission statement is to ‘organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. And it turns out that this includes leaked documents describing Google’s innermost workings.

Run a search for ‘Google general page rating guidelines’ and you’ll get a copy of the latest version of Google’s search quality ratings guidelines. If you can’t find it via search follow this link to access the holy scripture of SEO. The document spells out the scoring system used by Google’s independent quality raters, and it makes for essential reading.

So why haven’t these leaked blueprints made a much bigger noise in the world of SEO? And do they really justify the unwritten title of ‘The Official Google Guide to Surviving an Algo Attack’?

Admittedly at 160 pages the document doesn’t make for light reading, but it does contain a wealth of information and there’s plenty of buried treasure to be unearthed.

Having done the spadework we would love to share our findings, but there are three words at the foot of each page which have convinced us otherwise: ‘Proprietary’ ‘Confidential’ and ‘Copyright’.

And it’s those three words that explain why Google’s leaked guidelines have got webmasters VERY QUIETLY excited. Go on have a peak… it will be a couple of hours very well spent.

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