Considering just 30% of global search queries are carried out in the English language; it is hardly surprising that marketing departments are waking-up the potential of multilingual SEO. Get it right and you’re plugged into an expanding worldwide marketplace; get it wrong and you can waste a lot more than money.

Speaking the right language is one of the cornerstones of global search marketing, but it is equally as important to have first-hand knowledge of local search behaviour. You’ll also need a deep understanding of the native culture and the technical ability to optimise websites for a new set of search engines. It sounds like a tall order, but with trusted search professionals in 30 countries around the world; the web project has got exactly what it takes.

We have formed a strategic alliance with one of the UK’s leading multilingual SEO agencies whereby we bring English language SEO skills to the table and they bring foreign language expertise. It’s a partnership that really works and it proves that sometimes two heads really are better than one.

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