Although there’s still plenty of wind left in the ‘SEO Vs PPC’ debate, the simple truth is that they work together well. Get your PPC campaign right and you can expect healthy ROI and bags of useful data, get it wrong and your online advertising budget can disappear overnight.

At the web project we know how to get things right first time. Our team has a proven track record in managing cost-effective PPC campaigns across all the major networks. We know how to outperform the competition and how to drive down the average cost per click.

Our PPC campaigns are designed to drive profit and increase brand awareness, and we carefully tailor every element, from clickably worded adverts to optimised landing pages. Ongoing performance analysis allows us to keep one step ahead of your competition and we have got bags of reporting tools to keep you up-to-the-minute.

To find out more about how we can squeeze more out of your PPC budget Tel: 01865 890552 or email the web project