Finding the right search engine optimisation company has never been more difficult. With every Tom, Dick and (Dirty) Harry professing to be a SEO gunslinger it’s like the Wild West out there; full of cowboys and snake oil salesmen.

But ask to see real results in competitive sectors and you’re likely to get a string of sorry excuses. At the web project we do things differently, we are deservedly proud of our track record and happy to share our clients’ experiences.

We know that effective search engine optimisation isn’t just about driving traffic to your website; it’s about converting visitors into customers and building brand equity. And to achieve that you need an expert understanding of everything from code to content, which is where we work best.

Not only do we know how to get your site to the top of the search results, but we know how to keep it there. And it’s something that we have been doing very well indeed since 2005. To find out more, or for a free SEO health check Tel: 01865 890552 or email the web project