Social media may still be in its infancy, but boy has it grown-up quickly.  Considering that web 2.0 wasn’t conceived until the beginning of the noughties; the statistics surrounding social media use are jaw-dropping. Today more than 90% of online adults regularly use social media, so if you’re not taking part in the conversation; you’re missing out on an awful lot of business.

Add-in the growing importance of social signals to ranking algorithms and it’s time to stop being a wallflower and start making friends. The web project is an incredibly social animal and we have managed successful campaigns across all major social media platforms.

We’ve helped companies to build communities with a wide range of social strategies, from engaging blog posts and pithy tweets to likeable Facebook comments and savvy Linked-in updates. Because we establish clear goals and keep a close eye on metrics; you can be sure that you get a really big bang for your buck.

And don’t worry if you’re a slightly shy or simply too busy; we can develop and deliver every single element of your social media campaign, from creating content to moderating comments. To find out more about how we can help you make a big noise Tel: 01865 890552 or email the web project