Client One of the country’s leading independent publishing companies with more than 250 self-help titles currently in print.

Challenge Most publishers view their website as little more than an online business card. Thankfully our clients wanted to do things a little differently. As the web continues to rewrite the rules of publishing we knew it was time to take action, but where to begin?

Solution We developed a strategy aimed at making our client’s content really roll up its sleeves and get to work. We rebuilt the site around a series of mini-guides taking copy from existing print titles. At 1000 pages the newly optimized website was to target increased book sales and generate income from advertising revenue.

Results Page impressions are up by 7000 a day and the site generates considerable advertising revenue. Book sales have risen and the company enjoys the buzz created by the new website in the office and the wider publishing world.

…and here’s what our client had to say about working with the web project