Oxford-based digital marketing agency The Web Project has added a consumer-facing blog to their website to deliver daily doses of ‘no nonsense’ expertise.

“At the web project we have never quite understood why SEO and the wider world of digital marketing are shrouded in such secrecy. It simply doesn’t make sense” begins Managing Director Nick Maynard “In fact we have always found that it pays to be to be completely transparent with our clients. And adding a blog is simply the next logical step.

“The web project has been at the forefront of digital marketing for nearly a decade and we have built-up plenty of insight and expertise that we want to share. We have also set out to prove that SEO and Social Media can be easily understood; so long as everyone’s speaking the same language” continues Nick “and that means less impenetrable geek speak and more plain English.

“We are targeting anyone and everyone who has an interest in digital marketing, from seasoned SEO professionals to advertising executives. As well as regular posts providing insight into what’s happening in the industry; we will be publishing white papers to help you develop your digital strategy.

“The great thing about blogging is that we get to hear your thoughts and have a proper dialogue. And of course we would love everybody to get involved, which is why we’ve also updated our Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn pages so that everybody can stay in-touch.

“We can’t wait to start knitting together an online community” concludes Nick “and fingers’ crossed we will be hearing a lot more from all of you”.

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