Search Engine Optimisation is a fast-changing industry, and to stay at the top of the results you need to stay on top of what’s going on. Luckily there are plenty of people willing to lend a helping hand; you have just got to know where to find them.

Whether you are a webmaster toiling away at the Google’s algorithmic coalface, or a marketer anticipating changes in the wider world of search, we’ve got the best SEO resources you’ll find anywhere on the web.

A word of warning about SEO resources

SEO has earned itself a reputation as something of an arcane practice, shrouded in a dense fog of mystery. And it’s easy to see why: most professionals are unwilling to share their secrets and SEO forums are admittedly rife with half-baked conjecture and deliberate misinformation. So it’s important that you take everything you read with a pinch of salt. Double-check to see what other people are saying before taking any action. And don’t worry; it won’t be long before you find out who you can really trust.

The best SEO websites

The Web Project

We are here to help! Besides pages and pages of practical advice, informed opinion pieces and intelligent comment from professional SEOs, what more could you want? How about a blog so we can keep you up-to-date on important changes in the world of SEO? Our goal is to help filter the noise created by the SEO community, so you can understand what’s really going on. And the best bit of all? It’s absolutely free.

SEO Book

SEO Book isn’t a ‘book’ in the traditional sense, but a collection of valuable resources, including: tips, tools and reviews. Founded back in 2003, SEO Book has cemented Aaron Wall’s position as a leading industry spokesperson. The site has some great free content, but to take advantage of the juiciest parts (notably the forum and tutorials) you’ll have to put your hand in your pocket for a monthly subscription.


The brainchild of Rand Fishkin, SEOMoz is a well-established site delivering all the insight and resources that you’d expect from one of SEO’s favourite conference speakers. Make good use of the free content, especially the blog, which is designed to pull you into subscribing to the ‘premium content’. If you choose to subscribe to the latter you’ll enjoy access to a number of self-developed SEO tools and topical articles that are both intelligent and accessible.

The best SEO blogs on the web

Search engine optimisers know that Google loves blogs, which partly explains why there are so many SEO blogs out there. Quality varies from the good to the bad… to the downright ugly. The trick is to find ones which are: are relevant to your needs, whose style you like and whose opinion you can trust. Once you have discovered who you like, subscribe to their RSS feeds and get updates sent directly to you.

Matt Cutts

Most SEOs would kill to spend just ten minutes inside Matt Cutts’ head. Google’s best-known engineer began public life posting across a number of forums as ‘GoogleGuy’. Unmasked in 2006 Matt went on to set up his ‘official blog’ which is a must for any SEO. What Matt doesn’t’ know about Google isn’t worth knowing; what he’ll tell you about Google is an entirely different matter. Don’t ignore the readers’ comments which often give more insight into a topic than the original post had intended.

Google Blog

Get Google news and views straight from the horse’s mouth. Google Blog is a great way to follow what’s happening inside Google, covering everything from product launches to new appointments. It’s clearly aimed at the media and the wider industry; which means it’s of little practical use, although plenty of interest, to SEOs. Much more meaty is Google’s Webmasters Central Blog (, which should keep you busy for hours.

SEO Round Table

SEO Round Table provides a roundup of the most interesting threads across the key forums, with astute comment from a staff who really do know what they are talking about. Backed by the editorial powerhouse that is Barry Schwartz, SEO Round Table throws a lifeline to anyone struggling to keep up what’s happening in SEO.

Still looking for more? The following blogs are also among our favourites:

  • John Battle’s Searchblog
  • Michael Gray’s Gray Wolf’s SEO Blog
  • David Naylor’s Bronco blog
  • Bill Slawski’s SEO by the Sea

The best SEO forums on the web

Webmaster World

Webmaster World is essential reading for anyone who takes SEO seriously, and worth every dime of the (reasonably priced) subscription fee. This forum covers all areas of SEO and SEM, but the Google threads are the most popular. Forum moderators regularly post and you’ll find the odd welcome comment from industry gurus and Google representatives. Webmasters are chattier than on other forums, questions get answered and there’s always someone willing to share an opinion.

Digital Point

Digital Point is the liveliest of all forums and a good starting point for anyone new to SEO. It’s free to use which is a key strength, but also something of a weakness. On the one hand it is accessible; you simply have to register to post. On the other hand you soon get the feeling that enthusiasm is in greater supply than experience.

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