‘Website migration’ are two words that strike fear into the heart of any sensibly-minded SEO. There are ways of getting it right and ways of getting it wrong and with such high stakes it’s an understandably daunting task.

Moving your website to a new platform or address can make sense for any number of reasons: perhaps you’re consolidating several different digital assets, maybe you’re rebranding, or it could just be time for a change? Whatever the reason it’s essential to maintain your current rankings and make sure you don’t disappear from the search results overnight.

Migrating your website provides the perfect springboard for a SEO campaign, helping you to streamline and strengthen your online presence, but you’ll need to fight your corner for it to work. You’ll be up against designers, coders and content providers, who may have some great ideas; but don’t know diddly about SEO.

Building a super slick site might tick stakeholders’ boxes at launch, but they won’t be happy when the traffic dries-up. Successful website migration requires meticulous planning and creative thinking and it’s where the web project works best.

We’ve helped have helped some seriously big brands grow even bigger, and will take care of everything from: benchmarking performance and mapping redirects to developing a search friendly structure and taxonomy. It can be a bit complicated, but it’s certainly not rocket science, and it’s bread and butter to the web project.

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