Digital marketers would be wise to follow the environmentalist’s mantra to ‘think globally, act locally’. Starting close to home might seem like a no brainer to most, but you’d be surprised at how many marketers ignore what’s on their doorstep and get lured by the bright lights of the big rankings.

If you are lost in your local neighbourhood it’s time to tell customers that you’re open for business. Local SEO is a tried, tested and incredibly cost effective. Local leads are proven to enjoy higher conversion rates and physical proximity means you can build strong relationships and a loyal client base.

However, the best bit is that getting found in local search is a cakewalk. It’s a turkey shoot, it’s child’s play, it really is a cinch. The rules of the game are less esoteric than other aspects of SEO and you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck. Starting local can also serve as a useful springboard to launch a wider SEO campaign.

Local SEO requires a different skillset and you’ll need to kick things off by working on your Google My Business page. The aim is to get your listing in what’s been nicknamed the ‘Google 3 pack’ which refers to the top three results that Google displays (which suck-up 93% of the local search traffic). It’s a coveted and lucrative space, but one that’s often overlooked by digital marketers.

Traditional ‘on page’ ranking factors still play an important role and Google places significant algorithmic weight on local search signals. Link building, citation and social should be localized and you’ll get a good shot in the arm from local reviews and press coverage.

Remember that global is a tough nut to crack and local rankings will give you a fighting chance against the heavyweights. Get to the top spot on local and customers will come calling: that’s guaranteed.